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Castello di Sopra Upper Castle


Castello di Sopra

Strassoldo Castel was erected by noble Woldarico Strauss in 1035, during feudalism in the lower Friuli area. As of 1188, the Castle – which subsequently consisted of two separated construction called “di Sopra” (upper) and “di Sotto” (lower) – was passed to a branch of the very ancient Lavariano family, who were then called Strassoldo.

In the middle of the castle unit San Nicolò Church is to be found, which was mentioned, rebuilt and rearranged starting from 1333-1334. The bell tower was built in 1726. A cross made of stone – dating back to the 12th-13th century, was immured in the outer part of the apse. Inside the church the altar of the risen Christ, attributable to the stonecutter Bernardino da Bissone, is undoubtedly worth seeing.

Palazzo Strassoldo Castello di Sopra stretches opposite the sacred building and is connected to it by means of a spectacular bridge with windows that can be accessed also from the ground level. The palazzo is provided by a beautiful portal overlooking a large garden with trees. Over the portal there are a balcony and an escutcheon. The wing looking on the Castello di Sotto leans against the big, ancient tower, which was lowered in the 19th Century and has recently undergone restoration, thus bringing to light two pieces of plaster frescoed with a geometric pattern. The church is surrounded by various building standing on the foundation of the Castle. They are the former chancery, the former archive (house numbers 28, 30 and 32), and the former stable (house number 36), which are now private residences. Inside the building with house number 25 a fake, embattled turret can be seen, that was built in the 19th century.

Castello di Sopra can be accessed from North trhough porta Cistigna, which reminds to the typical 18th century style, but was first mentioned with this name in 1322.