‘’Festival of the chestnut’’

As autumn gets close, Mezzomonte activates to prepare the Festival of the chestnut, an event that enhances the history and beauty of the place. Thanks to the commitment of the local Pro Loco association, the festival has a busy schedule with lectures, games, shows and art exhibitions. Chestnuts, paired with excellent wines and prepared in a variety of recipes, are a treat not to be missed. There are stands with typical products such as homemade cakes and honey together with traditional dishes and hot spicy wine (vin brulè).

Excursions are organised up the trails once used by the inhabitants of Mezzomonte to roll logs downhill or to transfer hay, wood and manure up and down the slopes with their sledges (called sguoithe or sloithe in the local dialect).

In August, during the Festival of the cyclamen, Mezzomonte hosts a sledge contest. It is a team competition during which each team has to cover a distance pulling sledges loaded with bales of hay. The team that crosses the line in the least possible time wins the competition.