Kottern Village

Kottern is one of Sappada's smallest villages. 

Even though, at one end, it seems just a continuation of the neighboring Muhlbach settlement; at the other end, it is clearly separated from the Hoffe village by grassy meadows. 

At the side of the road one can find a small niche chapel dedicated to the Holy Trinity, also known as Lexandersmaindl. The fact that it is partially underground shows that the road was originally lower.

In the vicinity there are also additional examples of the essential elements of each village, namely a fountain and a crucifix that stands on the eastern meadows of the valley. Another small chapel, erected as a votive offering to commemorate the survival of a Sappada resident after a winter accident, overlooks the houses from the edge of the forest.

There are only a few traditional buildings but they are all very intere­sting. Particularly noteworthy are the d(e)rldan - Schpussn house, a residential building connected to its hay-loft by a covered bridge, the s'nschlars - lòcca house, a classic Sappada style residence, and the complex s'Krumpm - s'Gàigerlan house, notable for its sizeable lateral expansions.

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