Cretta Village

The Cretta village is spread along the floor of the valley entrance, on the right bank of the Piave river. lt is located below Cima Sappada, at an average altitude of 1252 m, next to the southern side of Teston dei Larici where the old and new roads are one (after having merged below Ecche).

The village is spread out along the East-West axis but most buildings are concentrated around the village chapel. This chapel is dedicateci to the Holy Trinity and is also known as Hailigedraivòltichkaitmaindl, or simply Krèttarmaindl. Next to it, on the apposite side of the road, there are the typical fountain and crucifix.

Particularly noteworthy, among the buildings, is the Puicher s'Kottlars house, which overlooks the village from its high vantage point. lt is a 19th century single-family house with a stable/hay-loft attached. lt has remained virtually unchanged and, recently, has been restored and transformed into a Museum of Farm & Country Life.

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