Puiche Village

Puiche Village is the smallest village of Sappada (only 16 residents lived here in 2000). 

Puiche almost appears to mirror the Ecche village, for its position on the edge of the apposite side of the Puiche river basin. The name of both the village and the stream that skirts it comes from the word for "beech" in the local dialect, in refe­rence to the vegetation of the forest above.

The historical center is located on a knoll on the northern side of the Sappada valley, enclosed by the Puiche and Fauner mountain streams. To enhance its exposure to the sun, the settlement tilts considerably towards the first stream, at an average altitude of 1275 m, correspon­ding exactly to the altitude of the Ecche village.

In a dominant position near the edge of the ravine of the Puiche stream stands the chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary built in 1901 by Giorgio Piller Puicher and formerly dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. There is also a fountain nearby, whose presence next to the chapel repeats a pattern found in many Sappada villages.

Farther to the rear, on the grassy slopes that jut out from Monte della Piana, there are a few houses with remarkable examples of the locaI interlocked beam architecture. Among them, the Puichar house stands out. This began as a classic building to which a new story and some additional rooms on its Eastern side were added, leading to a peculiar displacement of the roof top.

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