Pill Village

The Pill village gets  its name  from the land relief on which it is located, that is: a protruding knoll (Pihl) overlooking the western villages of the valley. The village consists of a small cluster of houses situated slightly uphill from the path of the old road, at altitudes between 1240 and 1263 meters.

Left virtually untouched by 20th century urban development, the village still preserves its identity as a community separate from the neighboring Palù and Bach villages. lt also presents an interesting concentration of 18th and 19th century traditional buildings, some of which are particularly important from the standpoint of architectural development. Such is the case of the lateral expansions of the s'Mès­chtros house or that of the s'Schmauzan - s'Pòcsn e s'Dreas - s'Lien­dlan houses.

Two wooden crucifixes stand near one another on the edge of the old road, while the village has no chapel. The old fountain, once situated at the edge of the road that climbs between the houses of the higher part of the village, was demolished in the '60s.

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