Gradisca d'Isonzo


Residence for centuries of one of the oldest families of Gradisca, the de Comelli family, originally from the city of Comè, in France and awarded the name von Stuckenfeld for the heroic behaviour of one of its members during the siege of Vienna in 1683 by the Turks.

Among its most important exponents: Domenico de Comelli, chamberlain - from 1768 to 1793 - of the last king of Poland Stanislao Poniatowski, and Carlo de Comelli, conspirator in the early 1800s "for the unification of Italy under the name of the Roman Empire, with a throne entrusted to the Savoy":

In April 1789, the hall on the first floor hosted the temporal inauguration ceremony of the Bishop of Gradisca Count Francesco Filippo Inzaghi.

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